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Impressive sterling silver ring with Amethyst - "ASNI"

Impressive sterling silver ring with Amethyst - "ASNI"


Sterling silver, Amethyst

Size: 22-23
Weight: 49.39g
Stone size: Amethyst 24x16mm

Ring height: 13mm

Ring width: 33mm at the top, 7mm at the bottom


Amethyst is a purple or purple kvarca type, a variety often used as a gemstone. In ancient Rome people wore amethyst talismans and used amethyst vessels.


Because amethyst is a popular gemstone, several descriptive terms are used to refer to different shades of amethyst color.

  • "Rose of France" - Pale pinkish lilac or violet shade. The least requested type.
  • "Siberian" - Intense purple with red shimmer. The most popular and expensive type.
  • Ametrine is a relatively recent term applied to amethyst- citrine crystals that are partly purple and partly yellow.

Amethyst is used against insomnia, used as a talisman against spells, evil thoughts, improves mood, promotes intuitive thinking, increases energy reserves, lowers stress, helps with insomnia. The stone helps its wearers maintain peace of mind, attracts love and luck.

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