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If you wish to become a jeweler and become a professional in gold, silver and precious stones.

Then this is for you!

Crafting takes 3 years on the Master - Apprentice principle.

After passing the relevant examinations, you can obtain the Latvian Chamber of Crafts diploma and become Zellis.

Tuition fee - by agreement

I would like to show that the craft is more than Latvian patterned socks, woolen and slacks. The craft makes You free. Free thought flight, hand swing and full creativity. 

The skills of any craft makes You grater!

My choice is Jewelry, so I would like to show this to others.

Craft is a value that must not and cannot be forgotten.

I wish everyone to find their expression!

Photography, laughter, metal rose or ...

                           Good luck!

Jeweler master craftsman

Ranta Roga

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