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" As a child, a large chandelier hung from the ceiling in Grandma's living room. Oh, in what colors the innumerable crystals shone as the sun's rays adorned them! I was enchanted. I had never seen anything more beautiful in my life. Every week when I visited my grandparents, I continued to enjoy the luminaire, which consisted of countless faceted edges.
Once that day came! Hiding from everyone, I pushed chair to reach the coveted. These crystals were remarkably easy to detach from the overall composition. I stored each of the obtained treasures in my secret box, where a mountain of diamonds, sapphires and rubies was stored. Only once did Grandmother notice that something was really wrong with the lamp, but she quickly forgot about it. But I did not forget, I still remember today.
Still, every time, for the first time, I take a gem in my hands before embellishing it and remember this holy childhood feeling. Still, although more than twenty-five years have passed.

I have been in the jewelry business for almost seventeen years now, and I remember every day why.

I have set up my workshop RARO in the center of Riga, Pulkveža brieža 6.

I create  jewelry with a special approach, carefully choosing materials! I work with gold, silver and various gems.

Each piece of jewelry is original and in one copy.

"Everyone is unique and everyone has to wear an ornate jewelry!"

I send the works to Latvia and the whole wide world.


Thank you!

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