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A ring who knows all the answers

A ring who knows all the answers

€2,500.00 Regular Price
€1,250.00Sale Price

What happens when light and darkness meet? What occurs when night and day meet, earth and sky, feminine and masculine, tenderness and strength, fire and ice, love and fear, word and silence.

Is dawn time. Is there anything unifying between two incompatible beings. The intuitive and the understanding are placed on the side of silence or word. And the twilight has too little darkness, or too much light. And for a man who is afraid to love. How he misses or is not enough. Why what is felt is not said. Why the protected is not the same as the acquired, retained, acquired. Why protecting humanity is harder than getting it. And standing on the border between faith and ignorance, life and death, truth and lies. What occurs when light and dark meet ...


Silver 925 standart, Baroque pearl, Amber, Gold 585

Size: 18 / US 8
Weight: 35.42g
Stone size: Pearl 34x20mm, Amber 14x9mm

Ring thickness: 6mm




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