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Sterling silver earrings with pink sapphire

Sterling silver earrings with pink sapphire


Sterling silver, Sapphire

Length: 28mm

Flower: 16mm

Stone: Sapphire 1.5mm - 14 pcs.

Weight: 12.45g


Sapphire (from the Hebrew spir – "Sapir" – from Bible texts, although the Bible rather it was a reference to another stone. Any gem-quality corundum crystal that is not red in color (red corundums are called rubies) is called a sapphire. Most often, sapphire is blue. The corundum that forms sapphire is colorless in its pure form. The special color is given by various additives, for example iron, chrome.

The different shades of blue are given to sapphire by iron and titanium admixtures. If the crystal has an insufficient amount of such an impurity, it has a light, gray color and a lower value.

Yellow and green color is also given by iron admixture. Pink sapphires have chroma admixture. If there is more chromium, the stone is closer to red and is considered a ruby.

Corundum of violet, purple color has vanadium admixture. Such gems are traditionally less valuable.

White sapphires (leukosapphires) are most often initially slightly brownish or yellowish. The pure color is obtained by heating them. Pure colorless corundum is very rare.

There are also sapphires that change color in different lighting – blue in daylight and purple in artificial lighting.

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