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Sterling silver earrings with citrine and light gray pearl

Sterling silver earrings with citrine and light gray pearl

€525.00 Regular Price
€367.50Sale Price

Sterling silver, Citrine, light gray pearls (slightly irregular in shape)

Length: 55mm

Stone: Lemon 19x23mm

Pearl 12mm

Weight: 25.57g


Pearls are available in different shades from white to black. There are also blue, yellow, purple, green, etc. pearls.
The pearl symbolizes love, good luck and happiness.
It is believed that the pearl helps to look at yourself from the sidelines and build self-esteem. It is a symbol of modesty, innocence, purity and virtue.

Citrine is yellow transparent quartz.

Natural citrine is rarely found and is mostly pale yellow with a faint expression pleochroism. The natural color of citrine can vary from yellow-green to orange and brown-orange. Clear amber stones are especially valued. Citrine forms part of a unique gemstone - amethrin found in In Bolivia.

The most beautiful crystals of natural citrine are found In Brazil. Another citrine is also obtained In Argentina, Burma, other Brazilian states, In France, Madagascar, In Russia (Urals), In Spain, UNITED STATES.

In ancient times, citrine was considered a mascot that protects against poison and evil thoughts. Citrine is used in medicine to empower sensitive people to solve metabolic problems. Citrine is also one of the two November horoscope stones.

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