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Sterling silver ring with two-tone quartz

Sterling silver ring with two-tone quartz

€375.00 Regular Price
€187.50Sale Price

Sterling silver, Silver 925, Smoky quartz with yellow quartz inclusions

Size: 20 / US 10 1/4
Weight: 24.22g

Stone: Quartz 13x27mm, height 13mm

Ring width 11mm


Quartz - one of the most common minerals. It belongs to most rocks - igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Quartz is resistant to decay (rock breakage), so the sand mainly consists of quartz grains, because other less durable minerals are degraded.

In Latvia, quartz is very common as a component of glacial rocks. An attentive and patient searcher can also find tiny quartz crystals formed in small voids in the granite.

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